Espazo Self-Stores offers Stands with areas ranging from 5 to 15 sqm. Independent spaces appropriately outlined, with the possibility of conditioning access, according to the schedule established by each of the users. Each Stand has electrical outlets, Wi-Fi and might be equipped with a multi-function display dashboards. Talk with us

Display cases.

The Display Cases offered by Espazo Self-Stores are placed in circulation areas, are closed and have 1,20 x 0,60 m. They are destined particularly to Espazo’s partners that want to show and promote their products in a public space and with an easy access. Talk with us


Our walls are equipped with multi-function display dashboards and are destined to the show and sale of products that, by their particular characteristics, do not need depth. Near every Wall there is always an electrical outlet and Wi-Fi. Talk with us


Our Mini-Warehouses, with areas ranging from 1 to 4 sqm are destined to the storage of the merchandise and of the showcases of Espazo Self-Stores partners. They are placed in an independent space, with an independent entry and with direct communication with the store/showroom area. Talk with us