Zero Investment.

The spaces are offered ready to use, totally infra-structured, with the possibility to incorporate exhibition equipment tailored to the needs of each partner. Talk with us


At the end of each month, each Espazo Self-Stores’ partner may ask to change his/her exhibition space for another with a different size, according to their specific needs. The partner may also schedule his/her presence at Espazo Self-Stores only in the periods more profitable for his/her activity, depending on the future availability of the space. Talk with us

Costs Reduction.

The redistribution of running costs, the access to back-up services costs, the multiplicity and flexibility of the spaces made available by Espazo Self-Stores offer our partners the minimization of costs at their store/exhibition. Talk with us

Quality / Prestige.

The presence at Espazo Self-Stores means Quality and Prestige due to the excellence of its spaces, the quality of its details, the selection of the partners and to its location. Talk with us


Espazo Self-Stores’ center will be publicized in all the promotional activities made by Espazo, be them at its website (more than 3.000 views/month), at Facebook (more than 36.000 followers), or through our newsletters and institutional emails. Espazo Self-Stores partners might place at Espazo’s site ( a link for their sites/Facebook pages. Every Espazo Self-Stores’ partner is invited to mention at their sites/ social network their presence at Espazo Self-Stores, including, when possible, a link for the site These multiple references of Espazo Self-Stores in the many sites/social networks will start a viral effect in the promotion of the space and its partners. Talk with us

Client Sharing.

By exhibiting in a space with more than 20 stores/showrooms, the Espazo Self-Stores’s partner will benefit not only of his/her clients but also from the clients of the other partners. Talk with us