Solution to many problems of space, giving back those sqm that are so needed at home.

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For independent workers that do not need to have their own facilities. Espazo may be the ideal solution for your activity.

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At Espazo, you can find the best solution for your company’s logistic problems, namely archive or stock-related, and more.

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Individuals. Wide range of solutions tailored to your needs, available in premium locations.

In a Espazo’s box, you might find the solution for a wide range of problems, namely: Moving house; Retrieving the garage for car parking; Home constructions (need of space or of furniture’s protection  from the dust); Home rental (protection of personal goods); Family increase (need of a vacant house division); Storage of a departed relative’s goods; Need to release a rented room during the holidays; Divorce/ Separation (need to give an immediate destiny to personal goods); Storage of out of season clothes; Storage of sports equipment (ski, surfing, kayaking, camping, hunting, fishing, bicycles); Storage of seasonal objects and travel equipment; Storage of unused objects that you want to keep (baby articles, collections, furniture, household appliances, books, CD’s…) and more. TALK WITH US

Professionals. Flexible storage services with access to auxiliary equipment for loading/unloading of goods, as well as receiving/shipping of products, among others.

For you who are an independent worker, and do not want to have your own logistic and administrative facilities, Espazo may be the answer to your problems, as we have the ideal place to safely store: Equipment; Tools; Business Stock; Showcase; Documentation; Archives; Models; Marketing and Display Materials and Customer Orders. Espazo is the business partner that you needed and did not know that existed. TALK WITH US

Businesses. Products and services geared towards the transportation and storage of goods that you want to protect and/or store.

For your company, hiring a Espazo’s box could be the answer to your logistical problems, being also suitable for start-up companies, given the flexibility of the solutions available. A Espazo’s box is the ideal place to store: Archives; Stocks; Showcases; Season Decorations (Christmas, holidays, Halloween, and more); Promotions, Marketing and Display Materials; Seasonal  Objects; Seasonal Products; Equipments; Tools, and more.