Renting of Self-Storage from 2 sqm

Storage units according to your needs in Parque das Nações, Amoreiras, Alvalade, Alta de Lisboa, Alfragide and Albufeira.


Wide range of solutions tailored to your needs in premium locations.

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Flexible storage facilities with availability of auxiliary means for loading or unloading. Receiving and dispatching of products.

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Sale of products designed for the transportation and storage of goods.

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What is Self-Storage?

Self-Storage is a  concept that brings together flexibility, safety, cleanliness and environmental quality with the support services needed to solve all your storage problems, be them temporary or of long-term, business-related or private. Self-Storage will help to bring back to your house or company the space that the accumulation of documents and non-quotidian objects was taking.

The concept  was born in the 50s in the U.S.A., a country where, nowadays, Self-Storage is a part of the everyday life for most of its businesses and citizens. After being introduced in Australia in the 1960`s, Self-Storage reached Europe in the 80`s, taking its first steps near the major English cities, from where it spread to other countries, where their presence is increasingly noticeable.

Having arrived Spain only in 2000, Self-Storage facilities are currently being introduced in the Portuguese market, where chances are that, following the example of all the countries where the concept is already a reality, it becomes, in a short period of time, a part of the everyday life of individuals and businesses, revolutionizing the concept of space management.